Frequently Asked Questions

Why Soultone cymbals?

He fell in love with FX Series Soul Tone Cymbal Design, which you can strike with sticks or bare handed as Miguel would prefer and still have a superior sound. Miguel was invited to sit in with his musician friend Enrique Platas, whom had a set of Soultone Cymbals that Miguel loved, and also, was introduced to the Soul Tone Cymbal family by his close friend Miguel “Papilon” Alvarez whom is currently part of the Soultone family, and since then Miguel was interested and became part of the Soultone Family and incorporated the awesome sounding Soultone FX series Cymbals in his percussion setup. Miguel understands that Soultone provides their musician and customer’s with world class support and stay focused on delivering an amazing product that suits the musicians and customer’s needs.  

What Soultone cymbals do I use:

FX – Series.

It’s awesome being part of the Soultone Family – Thank You, Laura & Soultone, for your continued support.